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It is said that if you knock on my door and someone responds that no project is running, then you have gone to the wrong door.

About Fredrik

I started cutting grass when I was 9 years old, drew drawings when I was 10 years old and built my first website when I was 11 years old. This shows my three main pursuits and interests in life: Entrepreneurship, design and programming. In 2008 I discovered how these three areas can collaborate by creating the final project in the gymnasium, an interface with the aim to be smarter and simpler than the iPhone

In the autumn of 2008, I moved up to Umeå and began studying Master of Science Programme in Interaction Technology and Design- Engineering. An education where my knowledge of special programming and design has grown, but I have also brought in a piece of Entrepreneurship. In parallel with the studies over the years has it become a lot of fun side projects, by organizing lanpartys, build a house and try to figure out what you can create with a computer.

I like to be part of the project from concept to finished product, to create a product that the users will be happy to use. I create from paper and pencil to the computer with photoshop and programming.


A visualiser who want to test how things work and trying to make sure things are working. Like tea, movies, nature, friends and climbing. Also likes to meet new people and go out on adventures.


I'm currently working at Lightbulb Crew with Games of Glory, a MOBA-crossover with the vision to make e-sport as a true part of the game. On this work I have the perfect mix of programming the menu and doing UX where it is needed.

Since 2010 I'm working on my own consulting firm with focus on building websystems. Helps the client from an idea, graphic design, prototyping to a final product.